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Building a New Home-What to Discuss with your Builder

Asking the Right Questions Will Ensure You Get What You Want (ARA) - Building a new home takes a lot of time and effort, and your home purchase is probably the largest investment you’ll ever make. To protect your investment, you’ll want to ask your builder some pertinent questions before construction begins.

Homebuilders are generally honest, hard-working professionals dedicated to creating your dream house. But with the vast number of homes being built these days, it’s possible that a few details of your home can be overlooked. Demonstrating your knowledge of some of the finer points of homebuilding will ensure that proper attention is paid to every aspect of your new home.

“Think of your new home as an integrated system, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” suggests Dan Miller, owner of Trendsetter Homes in Beaumont, Texas. “Be proactive and address important issues such as termite protection, energy efficiency and moisture control.”

Try asking informed questions, such as:

  • “What steps are you taking to ensure proper termite defense?”
  • “Will you build superior termite protection into the foundation of my home?”
  • “Will you use a house wrap around my home for greater insulation?”
  • “Are you going to use polyurethane foam to seal the windows and doors?”
  • “Are you going to run the bathroom vents outside of the house?”

An essential area that your builder could overlook is proper termite protection. Termites cause billions of dollars of damage each year, damage that isn’t covered by homeowners insurance. The best time to protect a home from termites is pre-construction, so it’s smart to have Impasse Termite Blocker installed before your home’s foundation is poured. Impasse “locks in” termiticide between durable polymer layers and targets gaps along pipes in the slab foundation, common termite entry points.

Building a new home is a large undertaking, but if you ask the right questions at the outset, you can avoid problems down the road and save money in the long run. Smart questions and smart product investments will maximize the long-term value of your home.

For more information, visit or Courtesy of ARA Content

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